N’Golo Kante Gives updates on his Injury- Is he Fully Fit?

Frank Lampard praised the work-rate of N’Golo Kante during the Super Cup game against Liverpool.

Despite not being fully fit still, the Frenchman has played full 120 minutes of the match with the greatest physical commitment.

Lampard remembered: “He said to me at half-time in extra-time that his legs were finished, his legs were dead, and then he’s sprinting 50 yards to cover.”

The coach then opened up on the role Kante plays in the current Chelsea project:

“I’m trying to instill the way I want to play and there were so many good things tonight. Kante is an amazing player, an amazing character. He’s a machine on the football field.

“He hasn’t trained much, had a swollen ankle two days ago, but he was desperate to play and you saw what he gave to the team today. He will be hugely important. I am delighted to work with him.” He said.