Pulisic opens up and tells Chelsea board the ‘sky is the limit’ for exciting target Reyna

Christian Pulisic is excited by the potential in Giovanni Reyna and admits “the sky’s limit” for the Chelsea transfer target.

Reyna has become one of the most excitedly gifted players in the Bundesliga and is another American tipped to become one of the very best players on the planet, and maybe follow Pulisic to the Premier League in the coming seasons.

Chelsea have already been one club that has been tipped to make a possible move for Reyna in the next few seasons and Pulisic confident that a teenage compatriot can live up to expectations for club and country.

The United States international told CBS Sports of Reyna: “He’s got to keep proving himself.

“Dortmund is off to a great start and so is he. We want to see how he does, and we’re all excited to have him on the national team. “I think for Gio, really, the sky’s the limit. He’s got a bright future ahead of him. But like I said, he’s still got a lot to prove to get to that point.

“Obviously, we see the potential right now and a lot of talent. So we’re really excited. “The first year is very tough, but it’s so important to keep that ultimate goal in mind.

“Just keep going after that. That’s really what I did, even through the tough days. That’ll get you through, setting goals for yourself.”

Chelsea have a habit of buying some of the best talents in the game and will keep a very close eye on the development of Reyna, as there is already some very big excitement about how far he is able to go in the game. So if he develops like Pulisic did over in the Bundesliga, it will not be long for the big Premier League clubs come calling