Chelsea have a massive army of players out on loan, and some have been in this system for many years.

Whilst some players will never make it at Chelsea and will end up leaving at the end of their contracts, there are some who are still keeping hope that they can make it at the club.

One of those is USA international defender, Matt Miazga.

The 25-year old joined Chelsea from New York Red Bulls in 2016 and has since had four different loan clubs.

This season he is in Belgium with Anderlecht, and he is hoping this is the season that will bring him his big break at Chelsea. He has been plagued with a number of career pausing injuries, so he has never been granted a full run at a place in the Chelsea squad.

But Miazga insists that Chelsea still have belief in his ability and making it at the club.

As reported by WAGNH, Miazga said: “Well the summer was a bit frustrating because I got injured in my last game in Reading, which ended up being quite a serious ankle injury. I was out for about seven weeks, so that whole time I was just rehabbing at Chelsea and I wasn’t able to train because I was just trying to get it stronger and rest and recover.

“At the time there were a few options here and there — hearing things from my agents, hearing things from Chelsea — but my priority was getting healthy. Once I got healthy, that’s when more options started to roll in.

“I remember Anderlecht first spoke with me and my agents in early August, and then it kind of went quiet for a bit. Then more options were arising and they spoke with me again, and then there were just minor details for me to [decide on]. Then the window was coming coming to an end, so I had to make a decision, and I felt like Anderlecht was the right step. They wanted me and I wanted them. I know I can excel here.

“It was a consideration to get a permanent move, and there were options for permanent moves, but with this whole COVID situation and the market being what it was… There are a lot more details that go into a permanent [transfer], and at the time it just didn’t work out for whatever reason.

“But I spoke with the hierarchy at Chelsea, and they still believe in me. For me, last year was a bit of a disruption with a lot of injuries, so hopefully this year i can stay healthy and really prove myself as first-choice at a top club in a good league like Anderlecht, and then we’ll see what happens from there. “My main focus is [Anderlecht] and I’m fully invested in the project here and the team here, and I want to do my best for the club and for the staff and for my teammates. And I feel like if I do that, everything else will fall into place after.

“My mentality is to to win at all costs here with this club and improve and try to help get them back to where they’re supposed to be: top of the table, winning titles, and playing Champions League. So I’ve just gotta take it day by day and work hard and be patient and be smart about it.”