They went down to 10 men against Liverpool- Rio Ferdinand reveals big differences between Chelsea and Manchester United

Following yesterday Champions league clash, Manchester United were 1-0 up against Young Boys in their Champions League opener, but they surprisingly lost the game 2-1 as they failed to hold on to their lead with a man down.

However, Chelsea faced a more superior side (compared to United’s opponent) just before the international break and held on to a 1-1 draw against Liverpool despite being a man down all through the second half.

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand was trying to justify Manchester United’s loss as they were a man down, but he was then reminded of Chelsea’s case against Liverpool, and he had to admit that the Blues are a more confident side.

Ferdinand said in the BT Sport studio: “Chelsea look very confident, they understand how to navigate their way through difficult situations in matches. They went down to 10 men at Anfield and looked very comfortable.

“Man United, on the other hand, looked like a team that were hoping to get a result tonight when they went down to 10 men.

And that comes down to experience, that comes down to Chelsea winning something that brings confidence throughout that squad.

“Confidence is streaming through that squad. It’s a very different place and time where they are in their development and Man United are trying to get to that point.”