Willian’s situation at Chelsea is a peculiar one. The Brazilian is a fan’s favourite, but could leave the club for free at the end of this season.

Like we all know, Chelsea have offered the 32-year-old a two-year deal, but Willian has insisted that he wants a three-year deal to remain at the club.

The Brazilian is now being linked with Chelsea rivals Arsenal and Tottenham, but he says that he has heard rumours of other clubs being interested in him but he has not received any concrete news from his agent.

Willian has maintained that he’s waiting for the club to give him a three year deal and insists he’d sign the papers tomorrow if he’s given the deal today.

“There are rumours about several teams that may be interested. For the time being, I have had no concrete proposal. But rumours always arise. I’m waiting. My agent hasn’t given me any news yet. I’m waiting for his call,” Willian told Brazilian journalist Ale Oliveira on his Youtube channel.

“I already had a conversation with the club a few months ago, even before this stop. Chelsea only offer me two years and I asked for three. My goal in the next contract is to sign for three years. So I haven’t had a deal with Chelsea yet.

“This is what I asked the club for, three years of contract. If you give me that, I’ll get the pen and sign the contract tomorrow.”