Jose Mourinho rants as he slams Chelsea and four other Premier League clubs

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho decided to go on a rant in support of his star striker Harry Kane.

Kane won and converted a penalty in Tottenham’s 2-1 win over Brighton, as Adam Lallana tried to win an aerial ball but ended up landing on the back of the Spurs striker.

Reacting to the incident which was first adjudged to be a free-kick, before VAR decided it was a goal, pundits claimed that Kane was clever to win the penalty.

However, Spurs boss Jose Mourinho, has gone on a rant to debunk such claims, even hinting that other top clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City are the ones with players trying to win penalty.

“I never spoke about penalties, that’s not part of the things we want to improve,” said Mourinho.

“You are confused because you could be speaking about some Manchester United players, you could be some Manchester City players, you could be speaking about some Liverpool players, you could be speaking about some Chelsea players.

“And you are speaking about Harry Kane who was in a position to control the ball in a dangerous position and Lallana comes with a very reckless action and commits a foul. What are you speaking about, ‘being clever’ or ‘not being clever’? Being clever is to hold the ball, shoot and score.

“It was a foul. What is the media speaking about? What are you speaking about? It’s a foul, direct free-kick or penalty. It’s for the VAR to decide, it’s for the referee to decide.

“The referee decided a direct free-kick. I was okay because from my distance I thought, ‘okay, maybe it was a direct free-kick’. But then the VAR said it was inside, like it happened in another match in the previous fixture, outside or inside, and VAR decided it was inside because it was on the line.

“What are you speaking about, ‘being clever with that’? It’s not being clever, Harry Kane is there to score goals. He just wants to control the ball, he sees the ball in the air, he uses his body to protect and Lallana was reckless, he made a mistake, period. What are you speaking about.

“If you want to speak about that game you have to speak about something that happened that could have had a direct impact on the result of the game which was their goal. There is no more story. What are you speaking about us?

“Speak about Liverpool, speak about Man City, speak about Man United. Speak about these penalties you see the clever guy that comes, somebody blows and they are on the floor. Don’t speak about Harry Kane.”